Patience Got Him - Inpatience Taints It

Cheers to Obama and his team for getting the monster responsible for so many American deaths. Jeers to Obama's team for bring so inpatient on releasing details of the kill that we are faced with revisions to the story on a daily basis. What's wrong with announcing the kill and waiting for a debriefing of the attack force before giving out details.

There is little question after the debriefing that the mission to bin Laden's compound was strictly a mission to kill, not to capture. Over 10,000 American lives lost over the past ten years says it was the right thing to do.

 Celebrating the kill by raucous gatherings in the street is not the way to go.

Photos of a dead bin Laden are not to be released. Good decision!

Lesson to be learned: Do not trust any nation that is influenced by religious fanatics!

As for bin Laden, may he sleep with the fish!.

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Charles Leck said...

"Do not trust any nation [who] is influenced by religious fanatics." Tony, paint it bold, in giant letters and in extremely visible places! Chas