About Mother's Day

Buddha Had A Mother
I didn't realize that changing the name used for my posts carried a responsibility which will be a challenge to my blogging. Museful is usually applied to someone who is extremely thoughtful or pensive. That being so, the bar has been raised on my blogging and I'm not sure I'm up to it. For instance , today being Mother's Day I felt compelled to come up up with some tributes to mothers which would demonstrate that I was up to being called Museful101, albeit the 101 implies some sort of limitation on my pensiveness. I struggled with some of the following deep thoughts before I concluded that a name merely identifies someone and does not carry any responsibility to perform, except in the case of a Donald Trump which demands that he perform as Donald Duck. The latter is further proof that calling one self Museful is just a lot of bull.

Now for a few profound Mother's Day thoughts.

  • Why do mothers need a day to be adored? What about the other 364 days?
  • Is there a mother somewhere grieving for bin Laden?
  • If bin Laden had a mother, and that is debatable, she probably rues the day he was conceived. 
  • Do we live our lives in a manner which would make a mother happy and proud?
  • Being so busy in our daily lives, it is well that a day is set aside to remember that person who brought us into this world and gave us a chance to make a difference..
  • If our contributions to this world have been less than significant, it is good to know that a mother could care less.
  • Last but by no means least, a  quote I ran across, "Without a mother there would be no Buddha."
The thoughts may be less than profound, but thinking about mothers on Mother's Day is profound enough.

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