Throw Out The Clowns

In a 4/28/11 editorial, "Certificate of Embarrassment", the New York Times had the best description of Donald Trump's "candidacy" that I have seen when it referred to him as  "....... a cartoon candidate, Donald Trump," Would that I could find that comic strip but most papers prefer to carry his comedic antics on the front page. Freedom of speech is still a wonderful thing even if we have to suffer through the racist " birther issue" and the soon to be announced " academic credential" issue raised by the red nosed clown with the funny hair. I'd be laughing my head off but clowns aren't very funny when there are so many problems facing this country which warrant the attention of patriots, not clowns.

Most clowns ride around in a clown car. Trump prefers a helicopter which  says it all in bold letters. He's a clownish blowhard!.

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