No Pulitzer This Year

Once again The Pulitzer Prize has eluded me. Not even an honorable mention. An anonymous source told me that other than being mediocre, the main problem with my writing is that it does not fit any category known to those making the awards.  Be that as it may ( now there's an expression that I'm willing to bet none of this year's winners had the courage to use), I accept that piece of information as true but it does not change my opinion of  the worthiness of my writing. Obviously the last sentence was repetitious, but the fact remains that my quest for writing excellence is just that,  a quest. A quest for the sake of a quest is a sure sign of dementia. Assuming that is true and who is to say it is not, anyone suffering from dementia who persists on publishing a blog has the best qualifications I know of for capturing the Pulitzer Prize. He or she would qualify for a new category, " Best Mentally Handicapped Commentary". I posed this idea to my anonymous source and was told that I was crazy if I thought that the Pulitzer Prize would ever consider mental health in making an award. I was once again emphatically informed in plain English, " There is no f*#king category for bloggers!". Whew, that's  a relief! It's not my writing keeping me from winning a Pulitzer Prize, it's my blog!

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