Yes We Can't Right Now

It's been reported that military tribunals will resume at Guantanamo. It looks like "Yes We Can" lost out again. Guantanomo will not close as the Obama Administration increasingly moves to the center. The Happy Warrior of 2008 is rapidly becoming the Pragmatic Warrior of 2012. The road to the White House in 2012 will be full of middle of the road drivers and a few dedicated  to driving on the extreme right side of the road. The left lane apparently will be closed to traffic. Not to worry, Wall Street will be directing traffic. Too bad! The only consolation I have is that no matter how he drives, Obama still looks like the best driver. I can't help but wish that he takes his eyes off the GPS and makes a few left turns on the way to re-election. Ending the Afghanistan War would be nice. There is a war going on in Afghanistan even though the Middle East turmoil, North Africa rebellions and the bad economic news monopolize the front pages. If only Afghanistan had oil. By the way, is it true that GM is working on an engine that will run on poppy seed oil?

Just to change the subject, perhaps Obama had it right when he decided to put the space program on a back burner. NASA's latest rocket shot to put a satellite into orbit landed in the Pacific Ocean. It's nothing to be too concerned about. Everything can wait until we train the preschoolers to be the rocket scientists of the future. We can't do it right now, but what a future awaits us. Just wait for the next State of The Union address.

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