Thoughts For A Rainy Day

  • Now that Charlie Sheen has lost his TV show he should consider reprising his " Major League" film role (Ricky Vaughn) by applying for an assistant pitching coach role with the Cleveland Indians. His acting skills would be invaluable in getting the pitching staff to act like big league pitchers. The pay won't be good but the clubhouse snacks should keep him going.
  • Lately it has been Christmas everyday when I bring in the mail. Without fail there's a gift for me. I now have enough return address labels to last for years. It seems that every charity with a postage stamp has discovered me and in appreciation sends me a "free gift" - mailing labels! In return I should respond with some sort of donation - I guess that's what the address labels are for. If my application for a government loan is approved, I'll see what I can do.
  • It appears that the opposition in Libya is struggling to form a united front. It might have been a good idea if they had done this before taking to the streets.
  • Qaddafi is an asshole but the SOB has the military on his side. He may actually retain power or leave on his own terms. Obviously Mubarak had the wrong playbook in the Egypt games.
  • Speaking of playbooks, there is only one playbook in Ohio and that's Jim Tressel's Ohio State football playbook. The football saint screwed up and kept quiet about some silly game his players were playing - selling memorabilia for tattoos and cash. Tressel has been disciplined and the media would have you think everything else going on in the state and the world is irrelevant. I've never understood Ohio's love affair with football be it Little League or whatever they call its football equivalent, high school, college or NFL. Love affair is not quite the proper term - moronic affair is more like it!
  • Why can't health care providers post a list of services and their cost for patients?
  • Peter King (R-NY) must have aspirations of becoming the Congressional Grand Inquisitor as he goes after Islamic leaders. Islam is a religion and as such is protected by the First Amendment. King should cool it, Islamophobia has no place in the halls of Congress or anywhere else.
  • Surprised to learn that King has been a supporter of the Irish IRA. I guess that means he's qualified to spot a terrorist when he sees one.
  • Illinois has become the 16th state to eliminate the death penalty. Thirty-six to go, one state at a time.
  • If it rains much more, I'll have to shovel the driveway!

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