Rant of The Day - Vote! Vote! Vote!

The paper was late again this morning. Together with the after effects of a fall I took a few days ago it put me in a particularly bad mood. The mood got even worse as I browsed through the paper. I do mean browse, since I could have written this morning's edition yesterday. The news stinks! Ohio has practically succeeded in busting teacher's unions. Some nut in Georgia is trying to get legislation through to make abortion equivalent to murder and punished accordingly. The Middle East is in turmoil and we haven't quite figured out what to do about it. The price of oil keeps going up which means that the price of almost everything will keep going up. The news about Republicans bent on rolling back the gains of workers in their struggles with corporations and governing bodies really got the BP up. The BP went up because it occurred to me that many of the people protesting theses actions must have either voted for Republicans or not voted at all. Somebody put the Taliban wing of the Republican Party in power and it wasn't just Republicans. I suspect that that some of what Republicans preach appeals to the greed in Democrats. When they look beneath the cover , they find that the agendas are really in conflict with their well being and out goes the call to arms. The point of this rant is that regardless of the big money in politics these days, we still have the power to to elect those who oppose taking America back to the 19th century. That power is in the election booth- the power of the vote.

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