No blog posts screaming to get out of my keyboard. Not even a rant! What to do, I'm bored silly. Mess around with the aesthetics of my blog, that's what I'll do.

My addiction for change is getting the best of me. Dare I change the title? What the hell for, I've gone through so many title changes and still haven't found the one I want. " From Tony's Keyboard" will have to do - no title change!

How about the format? Now we're talking. An innocent change. It will satisfy my craving for change ( which Obama never delivered on) and give me a blog post at the same time.

This blog is on a new template! Not true, I used it once before. It's still new for 2011. Notice the fleeting birds - much like my thoughts. The sidebar changed some and my, oh my, I learned how to use tabs - just another blog feature to fool with.

You see Mr. President, change is not so difficult to come by even if it's only cosmetic. If the change you are considering is to mask yourself as someone who resembles a moderate Republican, I want no part of it . Haven't you heard that lefties have the edge over righties in baseball when it comes to survival. It might apply to politics also.

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