Libya No-Fly Zone - Duck Soup

Watching the events unfold in Libya is almost like watching The Marx Brothers masterpiece "Duck Soup". The Libya insurrection, revolution, mob riots or whatever would be almost as funny except that real bullets are being used and people are being killed. As more Coalition bombs and missiles fall, the rebels should be euphoric but instead become unceasingly confused due to a lack of leadership. The  European Union , the United States and the Arab League and NATO appear confused because of too much leadership. The only one who appears not to be confused is Qaddafi, but unfortunately his forces are bent on massacre and war crimes. Where is Rufus T. Firefly when you need him?

 Do we really have to have an American casualty before the architects of the United States Libya mission are forced to honestly explain the Libyan involvement to the American public. I'm sure that the portion of the public driving gas guzzlers will buy the explanation that its "about the oil, baby". The rest of us will have to live with being screwed but not kissed.

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