I Condemn Radical Islam (and Royal Marriages While I'm At It)

- For my rant of the week, blame Bill Bennett. Caught some of Mr. Bennett on the CNN morning show. I rarely agree with what he has to say but I'm one hundred percent on his side when he takes Islam to the woodshed because of the failure of its leaders to condemn radical Islam in no uncertain terms. This has not happened here in the United States or abroad. As Bennett points out, although a Catholic, he strongly condemns the immoral behavior of many Catholic priests. The Catholic Church is learning the hard way that it must come front and center in the condemnation of the behavior of too many of its priests. There is no religion immune from radical elements or immoral behavior. It is not too much to expect that their right to exist carries the responsibility to clean house. Islam must condemn the crimes against humanity by its radical followers. I believe in the freedom of religion and for that matter the freedom of non-religion. I believe in the separation of religion and state. I believe in the responsibility of religion to police itself.  I reserve the right to question  the mission of any religion which does not police itself.

- As for royal marriages, if there is such a thing, I wish that William and Sarah would get the hell out of my living room and keep their marriage plans and their marriage among family and friends. The Brits may feel a need to squander time and money on the royal family, the TV networks may see an opportunity to make a few bucks but I see an attempt to pollute my TV viewing time. I'm pissed about all the fuss being made concerning this wedding and it's not because I wasn't invited.

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Charles Leck said...

Tony? You didn't get an invitation? Shucks! We'll miss you.

Good writing, my man! You are spot on about radical Islam and more people should ask the question. Where is the condemnation of violence and hatred?