Make Prayer Not Politics

    The New York Times article, "Next Question for Tunisia: The Role of Islam in Politics" by Thomas Fuller, poses some interesting questions about the role of Islam in the aftermath of revolution and raises visions of our own revolutionists who made the separation of church and state a pillar of our Republic. Last Saturday, thousands of Tunisians marched through the capital demanding the separation of mosque and state. One of the slogans on their placards read “ Politics ruins religion and religion ruins politics”. Strong words - words we should heed in this country as zealots chip away at the separation of church and state pillar. A sign that the Tunisians will succeed in maintaining the separation of mosque and state is their support for  their brothels, which raises the question, do we need more whore houses in this country? As rogue ministers tamper with politics, would more pimps as activists be a force in  preserving our Constitution?
    The biggest danger of the uprisings in the Arab world is that extreme Muslims will seize control of society and government. More power to the Tunisian protesters who would rather have the extremists in a brothel and not the state house.

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Charles Leck said...

I like it! I like it a lot!
"Politics ruin religion and religion ruins politics!"