Cleveland Indians - 2011

Ordinarily this is the time of year to get excited about the baseball season. Not the case with the Indians. All the news is "iffy". If Fausto Carmona pitches well, if Hafner hits with power (Hafner has a head of hair again -a good sign that his power may be back), if Sizemore's knee holds up, if Masterson's wins are in double digits, if Laporta has a breakout season, if,if,if....! The bottom line is that as usual the Indians are rebuilding. The Pyramids were built in a shorter time than it has taken for the Indians to rebuild! Rebuilding is the modus operandi for Cleveland. The Indians are rebuilding, the Cavaliers are rebuilding, the Browns are rebuilding, the city is rebuilding. Lets face it - Cleveland has written the book on rebuilding. Too bad they never finished the last chapter - Cleveland wins, Cleveland wins! No matter, it's still baseball.

Spring training games start 2/28 in Goodyear, AZ for the Cleveland Indians. They will be playing the Reds. Apparently the Arizona authorities are not yet aware that Reds are operating in Arizona. Will they deport them when the Reds take the field? And what about all these players with funny names, have they got papers?  When the Arizona Governor called the Home Security Secretary with the funny name and complained about terrorists infiltrating the national pastime of baseball, she was told that maybe paranoid Arizona should secede. As Arizona ponders secession, all those players with funny names are arming themselves with bats and body armor. Let the games begin!

I want to retire!

It looks like the Chief Wahoo curse will continue for another year. Indians uniforms are still sporting his ridiculous caricature.

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