A Day of Rage

“A Day of Rage” will soon rival New Years Day as a celebration of sorts through out the world. The latest nation to adopt “A Day of Rage” is Iraq. It all started in Tunisia followed by Egypt and embraced by Bahrain, Yemen and of course Libya. But are these countries really the birthplace of “A Day of Rage”.

The celebration of rage belongs to no nation. I think rage started in human beings when Adam took that bite from the forbidden fruit and found it more like rotten food. From that point on rage has been the weapon of choice when a single human or a group of humans decide they have had enough of some less than satisfactory situation, at least from their point of view. The celebration of rage takes all kinds of form - a massacre, a revolt, mass executions, shouting and competition for the most clever signage.

I do not mean to make light of attempts to right a wrong or or to belittle movements to rid a country of a despot. I do mean to question the necessity for labels such as "A Day of Rge". The problem with labels is that humans feel they are missing out on something if they do not have their label day .

There is no question in my mind that the oppressed have their right to anger and if turning that anger into rage is the only way to move their cause forward, so be it. Rage for the sake of rage: however, has its problems. If it is used as an excuse to inflict harm and even death without recourse to systems of justice which are in place, it is just wrong.

You can see  that I’m having my “ Day of Rage”. I worry that rage will become the only emotion for bringing about change. I worry that days of rage will become fashionable. I worry that rage will foster more ills than those it is trying to cure. I worry that indeed rage will find a place on every nut's calendar. I worry that it will be a date to look forward to. I worry about the celebrations that will ensue. I worry that I will be forced to adopt  rage as a means to solve problems.

 Speaking of rage or more accurately, writing of rage, I vow not to become a Tea Partier. At the rate they are going, they may want to substitute " A Day of Rage" for Election Day.  " A Day of Rage" may be necessary to rid a nation of despots but it does not belong in the politics of a democracy. By the way, who comes up with these labels? The media? Some PR guy? Does it really matter. Every dog must have his day. Now I've done it - the SPCA will be knocking at my door. I use that metaphor only because dictators and strongmen treat their citizens like dogs, except in this country where the SPCA protects our interests.

Skipping a good breakfast results in posts such as this. I’ll feel better after lunch. Grrrrrr!!!!!

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