What is a quagmire?

As the new year starts to take root, our priorities as a nation also start to take root . Number one on the list is the coming presidential election in 2012. Number two on the list is the coming presidential election in 2012. Number three on the list is the coming presidential election of 2012. Wait a minute! Are our priorities that limited? I think they are. Power is the name of the game and any initiatives out of Washington whether from the White House or the Congress will have to pass the propaganda test. Will they provide ammunition designed to gain votes in the coming presidential election of 2012. Which brings me to quagmire. One of the definitions of quagmire is a situation from which extrication is very difficult.
  •  Mixing legislative agenda and presidential politics is a quagmire!
  • Everyone knows that by this time our troops should be home from Afghanistan.  Afghanistan  is a quagmire!
  •  Campaign promises are explicit. "Wish I hadn't said that" prevails after the campaign. Campaign promises are a quagmire!
  •  Israeli and Palestinian negotiations on a Palestinian State are stuck in the  quagmire of Israeli settlements in the West Bank!
  •  Outsourcing of American jobs in the midst of an economic downturn is a quagmire!
  •  Blue Ribbon Panel or Presidential Commission recommendations are quagmires!
  •  Pakistan as an ally is a quagmire!
  •  The Senate filibuster rule is a quagmire!
  •  The Cleveland Indians finishing last in their Division is a quagmire!
  •  Using Chief Wahoo as a sports logo is a quagmire!
  •  The Second Amendment is a quagmire!
  •  The role of lobbyists in government is a quagmire!

 Judging from this post, it appears that we are surrounded by quagmires!

 Am I sure I know what a quagmire is? Things could not possibly be this bad.

Make up your mind, delete or publish!

This post is a quagmire! Help! I've fallen into a quagmire and I can't get out!


(Quagmires do that to you - you start having a conversation with them and find it difficult to stop.)

Not before I once again declare that the preparations for the coming presidential election in 2012 are a quagmire!

Maybe I should save this as a draft?

I haven't got all day , sh#t or get off the blog!

PUBLISH! May the Blogging Gods forgive me.

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