Dealing With Tragedies

How do you deal with a tragedy such as occurred at the Tuscon mall a few days ago?  In a letter to the editor in The Plain dealer this morning , one writer had all the answers. First you angrily point out all the vitriolic remarks that Democrats have made including the President and the First Lady, then you make a plea for everyone to take advantage of the right to bear arms which is given to all red blooded Americans by the Second Amendment. Once this is done, you carry! If you stumble upon a shooter in the mall, you take him out  (even though he is exercising his right as a red blooded American to carry a Glock which can fire off multiple shots in a flash ) . He should have added to it would be advisable to be very accurate lest the protector becomes guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Is it too much to ask for gun owners to tune down their "wild west" rhetoric?

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