Some Fleeting Thoughts

  • Watching it snow outside, diversity came to mind. No two snowflakes are the same.  As the snow flakes reach the ground they forget their differences and join together to form a blanket of snow. No two human beings are the same but unlike snow flakes, their differences linger on in the form of bigotry, racial tensions and religious intolerance.
  •  The competition among credit cards concerning rewards and cash rebates is becoming fierce. Moreover the fine print defies understanding. It looks like the time is ripe for a " credit card reward financial advisor" and maybe a listing on the NYSE.
  • Are social networks like Facebook creating a bubble which is bound to burst as personal privacy is sacrificed more and more?
  •  Why is it so important to be connected most of one's waking hours?
  • As dashboards in cars become more complex, how many accidents have to occur before there is a clamoring for the ultimate gadget- a horse!
  • Boehner's House has passed legislation calling for the repeal of the Health Care Act. Repealing so called Obamacare is like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
  • Do we really need a State of the Union address by the President?

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Charles Leck said...

Good thoughts, Tony. I'm back reading you again. Chas