I could have been a contender!

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I did it again, I changed the appearance of my blog! Whether or not it is an improvement is not the question. The question is why. Why do I keep changing my blogs or worse yet my blogs? Yes, my blogs! Fun With Cliches, According To Marge, Pensieri Casuali - merge and unmerge, merge and unmerge! Presently they are all standing on their own two feet. I don't think they will be merged again any time soon. It's just too much fucking trouble.

 I've been known to do the blogging unthinkable - I actually DELETE a post now and then after it has been published. If that's unthinkable , think about this or better yet try to remember, Pensieri, From Museful's Keyboard, A Little Ado About A Few Things, From Tony's Keyboard. Sound familiar? Only if you are an avid reader of this blog. Since there are few , to tell the truth - very, very few avid readers, let me me enlighten you ( incidentally emlightening the world was the purpose of the blog as originally concieved but the light went out - low battery power). They are all blog titles, the predecessors of Pensieri Casuali. Why would any blog title have a predecessor? Insecurity. It's something like being in the witness protection program. I wonder? Could that be a reason for so few followers of this blog. No one can find it! But I digress.

 I started to explain why this blog keeps constantly changing in appearance, title and content. After several sessions with a blog shrink - let's call him Tony, no make that Museful - it became obvious. Every time a blogging change has been made it's been the result of being bored silly. I get bored and I make a blog change. The shrink and I  concluded that it qualifies me as  an addict. I'm addicted to making blog changes.

Like a typical addict, I've compromised what up until now was a secret ambition. I dared to dream the impossible dream of being a journalist. It was my quest to contend for the Pulitzer Prize. Instead I became the Don Quixote of the blogosphere. Had it not been for my addiction I could have been a contender!

If it's not too late to make a resolution for the New Year, I'd like to give it a shot - in the interest of civility and out of respect for the victims of nuts who go around shooting people , make that " give it a try".

I resolve not to make any more changes to my blog or blogs as long as one of the following happens this year :
  • The White House and Congress make an honest effort to repeal The Second Amendment.
  •  Israel and the Palestinians agree to a fully autonomous Palestinian State.
  • Iran and North Korea dismantle their nuclear capability.
  • The Cleveland Indians win the 2011 World Series
  • The Cleveland Indians retire Chief Wahoo. 
Talk about the impossible dream, that resolve fits the bill.  I'm already contemplating a change in my blog title which is more suited to my blogging style? How about " The Wisdom of a Distracted Mind". I like it but there is a small problem - someone else is already using the title. Oh well, there's no rush. Did you notice that I changed my blog photo? Hold on, I just noticed those birds flying around in the template I'm presently using. " Fleeting Thoughts" might be a good title. It really would, that's what happens to all of the great thoughts for posts I come up with, they fly off into a black hole . On second thought, I ought to give my New Years resolution a reasonable chance - Pensieri Casuali it is for now.

At this point anyone who accidentally came across this post might ask, " What in hell is this demented guy writing about".  Isn't it obvious, I'm pretending I've got something important to say and  more to the point , I needed a blog post.

My name is Tony. I'm a blogger who could have been a contender but settled for being a blog changer!

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