Facebook Update #2

I've been on Facebook for four months now and it's time to decide on my Facebook future or better put, it's time  to sh#t or get off the pot ( thought I'd sneak in some fun with cliches). I guess I'll sh#t! Facebook appears to be serving the purpose I was seeking - keeping in touch with family. I've learned how to tune out most of the cute information and trite comments. I've learned how to restrain my inane comments. I don't feel like a voyeur ( most of the time). The high primal likes having a Facebook page and she has the deciding vote. I probably have the fewest  Facebook "friends" on record - that's the way I want it. Actually I share Paul Krugman's views in his blog post, I Don't Want to Be Your Friend,  but not wanting to make waves, there  will be no more vacillating about my Facebook participation -end of Facebook story.

Twitter is another story. I took Twitter up on it's comment that many people who have a Twitter account neither follow other twitterers or tweet. Tweet, tweet - it hasn't been fun. Tweet.tweet - Twitter for me is history!

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Charles Leck said...

No offense to "high primal" but I found Facebook was both childish and for children. I keep up with my grown kids and grandchildren quite nicely by email. Now those all can be assured grandpa's not nosing around on Facebook. After closing up shop on Facebook I haven't looked back once. Communications have certainly changed. For instance, U try to figure out this close...BAK... bm&y i'm having a BM (which is not what BM was to us)and i don't think you will. G2R. Charlie