My Facebook Plunge

I'm on Facebook! I know that I have questioned the advisability of joining the Facebook community in the past ( see my Facebook label) and to be completely honest ( is there such a thing as incomplete honesty), I still do. I'm not a fan of small talk so I predict I will fall on my face in my Facebook wall writing. Incidentally, when did writing on the wall become acceptable. I've noticed that it has all but disappeared on bathroom walls; Facebook and Twitter seem to have taken over. I have no desire to connect with my high school or college friends. We have ignored each other for decades. Besides connecting with most of them at this point would probably involve a one way trip to the hereafter. I would also have to decide between heaven and hell and that gets too complicated for me. I could also try connecting with some of my work friends but that presents the same challenge. Not having a business , I have no need to promote a business ( now that was a no brainer). My granddaughter Jenny told me that Facebook is fun. OK, I'll keep trying. When it stops being fun I'll opt out.

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