Never go mall walking 7 days before Christmas

The weather has played havoc with my daily walking routine. For some inexplicable reason, sidewalks are not cleared after snow falls in my neighborhood. Fortunately my stationary bike has come to my rescue. Actually, the bike provides a more vigorous exercise than walking but after cycling four miles I find that I haven't moved an inch.

When the high primal announced that she had some last minute Christmas shopping to do at the mall, I seized the opportunity to go along with her - not to shop but to walk the mall. Big mistake! Something must be triggering the economy. Parking spaces at the mall were at a premium. Once inside, walking space was at a premium. The mall was wall to wall or rather store to store with shoppers.Obama must be smiling - I know most store executives are smiling.

As for my walking, I did manage to get in about forty minutes of walking without ever entering a store. I'm sure this feat qualifies me as an NFL running back . As for the high primal's shopping - a catastrophe! The check out lines were too long, she didn't see what she wanted, she was too tired and wanted to go home.

I forgot to mention that Santa was busy. I would estimate that there was a twenty minute wait to place the toddler on his lap so that he or she could receive a candy cane. By the way when Santa walked to his throne , I noticed he was using a cane. Probably suffered a leg injury negotiating his way through the crowd.

The moral of this story is that a stationary bike is not such a bad way of exercising a week before Christmas.

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