Kudos to Amazon.Com

In the midst of the Christmas shopping rush, errors in orders are bound to be made. In my case , a book I ordered using my Amazon.com account did not arrive as promised. I should modify that last statement, according to USPS it was delivered on 12/11/10. If indeed it was delivered. the poor order arrived at someone else's home. Could it be that someone is enjoying my book gratis? That's beside the point. On December 14, I decided to contact Amazon's customer service in an effort to resolve the problem. Much to my amazement there were no if, ands or buts. I received a commitment that if the order did not arrive by December 16, Amazon would be glad to to either give me a refund or ship a replacement. The order did not arrive on December 16 and I elected a refund. On December 17, I received e-mail confirming that my credit card account had been credited for the price of the lost order. No hassle, just plain courtesy. I understand that this is standard practise for Amazon.Com. They certainly have earned my loyalty.

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