It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia ( but not in my living room)

You know you are getting old when you fall asleep while watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. My granddaughters raved so much about this TV show that I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Three times I tuned the show in and three times I fell asleep before the first commercial. It's inexplicable. The time, ten o'clock, should not be a problem. I've watched many, many episodes of Law And Order in that same time period and never fell asleep - well only a very few times. Could it be that It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is not my cup of tea which is another way of saying that the show is not aimed at old codgers. If so , why don't the commercials for the show have a disclaimer - Not recommended For Anyone Over 80. I did find out that you can watch clips of the show on the Internet. Maybe some sunny afternoon, I can watch them on my computer. If I fall asleep I'll have to settle for some some Law And Order episodes.

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