All About Mates

In the midst of a Korean crisis, the Wikileaks,  a Mideast crisis and serious problems with the economy, it seems appropriate  to indulge in a little levity - especially since I'm out of the loop when it comes to solving these problems. Here it goes -

Q - What's a soul mate?
A - Anyone celebrating a Golden anniversary

Q - What's a stalemate?
A - Anyone with prostate problems.

Q - What's a shipmate?
A - Anyone you mate with on a cruise.

Q - What's a classmate?
A - A classy spouse.

Q - What's a checkmate?
A - The other half of a joint checking account.

Q - What's a first mate?
A - An ex-wife.

Q - What's a teammate?
A - The opposite of a mateteam.

Q - What's a running mate?
A - A domestic abuse victim.

Q - What's a cell mate?
A - What you find in a unisex prison.

And now for the jackpot- what is a mate?
A - A matching sock.

Give the man his money!
Boo! Give 'im the hook!

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