Lame Ducks hurt too much to legislate

It appears that Washington has embraced the motto " That Government Is Best That Governs Least". In fact our politicos have taken it one step further - " That Government Is Best That Does Not Govern". This is what happens when a lame duck wraps itself around the flag and pontificates for two months, refusing to address the problems of the country in any constructive manner. I'm not sure this is what our forefathers had in mind.

In this day and age of fast transportation and instant communication, why the hell can't we convene a new Congress within days of an election! A lame duck Congress should not be allowed to function.

 A good example of the hypocrisy of Washington these days is the rescheduling of a bipartisan meeting at the White House at the request of the Republicans. The meeting won't take place, if at all, until the end of the month. This is nothing but gamesmanship. Republican Congressmen are more content to pollute the airways until they formally take control of the House in January. As far as the Democrats are concerned , they do not have the balls to use their majority in the House lest they offend "the people" who are upset with Washington. Stalemate! Is there a worse government than one which governs least?

Thanksgiving is upon us and soon the Christmas season. Our lame duck Congress has all the excuses it needs not to legislate and that borders on dereliction of duty.

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