Senator McCain's Legacy

Fresh out of the lab
George W. Bush's legacy includes the Iraq War, Afghanistan War, and The Great Recession. That's bad enough, but John McCain may well outdo him. Senator McCain , Ala Dr. Frankenstein, created that Bride of Frankenstein now posing as Sarah Palin. How anyone can take this monster seriously is indeed a mystery. Still she must be taken seriously. In these days of deep political divisions the improbable can happen. It no longer takes a heavyweight to aspire to the Presidency. What appears to be a fringe candidate today can loom as a large one in the future.

 Actually I find it very difficult to listen to any of The Bride's political ramblings. Her voice is so shrill that it drives me up the wall! If she ever, by some breakdown of the political savvy of voters becomes President , two things will happen. One , it will seal the status of this country as a has been world power and secondly and more importantly, I'll have to throw out anything in the house capable of bringing in her shrieks.

 Thanks for nothing McCain! Let's hope the lady is in it just for book material and will slink away from any serious run for the presidency. She couldn't possibly be so dumb that she considers herself capable of filling the office of President of the United States.

( An unreliable source has informed this blog that Ms. Palin has a plan to put all the states except Alaska on e-Bay. Once sold she will establish the United State of Alaska thus fulfilling her campaign promise of lowering taxes, lowering the deficit and establishing a much smaller government.)

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