Hypocrite For Congress!

Democratic candidates are not extolling their party's accomplishments, but rather distancing themselves from their party's agenda. Picked up the foregoing from yesterday's N Y Times. The only reaction I have is why in the world would one ever vote for a hypocrite to represent them unless they were running for dog catcher? Even then it is questionable whether they would deserve a vote. I understand that these candidates are running in predominately Republican districts. That being the case, I must still conclude that the district deserves a clear choice - a real Democrat or a real Republican. If it's a Republican, so be it. Anyone who calls himself or herself a Democrat in name only should confine themselves to running for dog catcher . Attempting to steal votes is not acceptable.

Democrats have always been accused of being dysfunctional. This year they are outdoing themselves. Dare I raise the race card?

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