Freedom To Hate

Implicit in the Bill of Rights is the freedom to hate. How else can one justify the hate spewing demonstrations on the proposed Islamic center in Manhattan. The Bill of Rights gives us the freedom of speech and the exercise thereof includes hate demonstrations.

Whether it be religious issues, racial issues, immigration issues and more, we tend to exercise our lungs by shouting out epitaphs. We warm our bodies by wrapping ourselves with the stars and stripes. We would tear apart the fabric which gives us the right to demonstrate. We demonstrate to the world that we can be as stupid as any other nation. We prove to the world that our leadership can be suspect and even hypocritical.

We can hate and ask God to bless America at the same time. Our religious leaders stand idly by as hatred takes its course , except to fan the flames as they start to ebb. Our political leaders can't help since hate is so much a part of their agenda.

Perhaps our founding fathers should have been more explicit when they guaranteed us the freedom of speech. Then again, how could they have foreseen such a dysfunctional United states of America.

Oops! As the high primal informs me , this country was dysfunctional at its founding. It was also much easier to manage (as Obama has found out).

So where does that leave me? I must conclude that we are in a mess and hope that there is a God,  Allah, or some other supreme being  to help us rise above the crap of patriots who would have us embrace hate as a means of solving issues.

(Was this post hateful! Probably, but it is my right. The founding fathers said so.)

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