High Primals And Cell Phones

It is my sad duty to report that the high primal has added a disdain of smart phones to her list of technological wonders she can do without. This is more serious than her laborious attempts to get familiar with computers. The latter has not hampered my computer activities but the cell phone issue is another matter.

We both have cell phones which to the high primal’s amazement are very capable of making phone calls. On the negative side, our cell phones are frozen in time. Its almost like having a crank phone for our land line phone service. Texting is next to impossible without a QWERTY keyboard. Our cell phones think that the term apps is just a fancy term for abs. The only image the phones are capable of capturing is a reflection of the users face if the light is hitting the display properly. I just learned that it is now possible to deposit checks to your bank account with some new app. We are lucky that our cell phone can complete a call to the bank.

When I first met the high primal she was employed as a telephone switch board operator by one of the Ma Bell companies. Those gadgets scared the hell out of me but not the high primal. This is what makes her disdain for smart phones difficult to understand.

The result of the high primal's smart phone bashing is that she has practically  made a cell phone Luddite out of me. Actually its not her fault. If I wasn’t so cheap I’d get into a more expensive cell phone service and sign up for a smart phone for me and a crank phone for her.

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