God Bless America

An improbable ending for a President's Speech:

Fellow Americans, for the last thirty minutes I have tried to explain why our beloved country is in such a mess.  I have faithfully followed the precedent set by Reagan and added 'God bless America' at the end of every speech but tonight it might be more fitting if  I asked God to have mercy on America. I doubt that this will get anymore of his attention than my usual closing. Why God is ignoring my pleas is very perplexing. Could it be that God does not play favorites? Anyway, God bless you and yes, before I forget , God bless America.

One of Ronald Reagan legacies was that all presidential speeches should end with 'God Bless America'. When will American presidents learn that exhorting some Supreme Being to bless this country at the end of a speech has become trite and  unconvincing. Blessings will come to this nation by deeds and not prayer. Like a good politician, God is much too smart to favor one nation over another.

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