Rally 'round the flag!

In time of war it is expected that political parties will put aside their differences, rally around the flag and present a united front with the President in order to defeat the enemy. Unfortunately, in this format war has a very limited definition; namely, one country pitting its armed forces against another country's armed forces in order to right an alleged grievance.

War has many faces such as the war on poverty, the war on Wall Street corruption, the war on terrorism, the war on rising health care costs, the war on illegal immigration, the war on gun abuse. Rather than providing a rallying around the flag mentality,wars such as these divide the country and pit one political party against the other. Bipartisanship falls into a pit of snakes and legislative reform is reduced to campaign bullshit. In the meantime the country's foundations begin to rust away.

 Have no fear - midterm elections are around the corner and we will have all kinds of solutions for our ills. Hopefully one of them will not be to engage in still another war where people are slaughtered in order to bring a sense of pride to the nation and increase flag sales!

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