Lunch And Three Innings

AD in 5/5/10 Plain Dealer

What a deal! Fifteen bucks for lunch and a ball game. What's with the lunch and three innings? Is the ticket only good for a three inning game? Still, the fans are asked not to leave after 3 innings but to remain and enjoy the whole game. Has it come down to bribery to get  Indian fans to sit through a whole game? The ad is about as confusing as the brand of baseball being played. Those who didn't leave after 3 innings were able to watch the Indians take a 4-2 lead over Toronto going into the 9th inning, only to lose the game 4-5. They should have left after the 8th inning. Actually it wasn't so bad financially for the owners, the number of fans at the game couldn't have filled a minor league ball park ( which is where most of the players belong) so there weren't many ten dollar food credits. Forget the free lunches, build a winning team and the fans will come and stay for the whole game. There is no such thing as a free lunch in the sports world. 

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