Senior Citizen Day

Senior Citizen Day, May 19th, was a total bust! I didn't realize it had come and gone until this morning. No cards, no flowers, no phone calls. It was a day like all days - one day older.

I had expected some recognition of the day in the paper and the evening news. Nary a word. Of course I didn't look in the obituaries. They may have isolated the  departed seniors in some sort of special spread.

The fact that the day went unnoticed is probably good. Too much attention directed towards old people make the young people wonder why they are still around.

Recognition? The Ohio Department On Aging has a Senior Hall of Fame! Ten seniors were recently admitted for their contributions to society. Two were deceased. I'm sure they are celebrating the recognition that eluded them in life.

The field of seniors eligible for the Hall of Fame is limited. I'm pretty sure that no one who has been on steroids or testosterone therapy is eligible.  There is hardly a senior who doesn't owe being a senior to some   drug. Former baseball players are automatically excluded from the Senior Hall of Fame since it so difficult to determine whether or not they were on steroids.

For the record , I didn't make it into the Hall.


Earl Tesch said...

It's a travesty! I've got your rookie AARP card and have kept all your stats in a series of notebooks.

That last minute Bingo at St. Johns Bosco was legendary! Oh, and your record streak of senior coffees at the 8210 Euclid McDonald's will never be broken.

If anyone should be in the Hall, it's you.

Caroline said...

Tony, you make me smile!

By the way, a belated happy senior citizens day to you and yours! And don't fret about that HoF thing, I question some of the people they've chosen.