The President And Comedy

Lately presidential candidates have taken to the talk shows as a campaign gimmick. Unfortunately this calls for trying to be funnier than the comedic host. I can stomach this, since the campaigns these days resemble a TV situation comedy series but once the campaign is over " la comedia e finite" quoting Pagliaccio . Surviving a campaign and being elected President of The United States signals that the luxury of being a comedian is over. Hopefully Obama learned his lesson with the Special Olympics joke on the Leno show. My advice - leave the comedy to the professionals. At the very minimum hire a comedy writer for the White House. I'm sure there would many applicants led by John McCain , followed by those erstwhile comedians Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi ,John Boehner and of course Dick Cheney . Joe Biden would be great but he likes his current gig. George the Bush need not apply, he's not very funny.
( I reviewed this post with my high primal thinking spouse and she advised me that I should take Pagliaccio's advice as far as the comedy is concerned. Furthermore she informed me that my suggestion of a comedy writer is not new. Morey Amsterdam was J.F.K's comedy advisor. Back to the drawing board.)

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Caroline said...

SWONDERFUL!!!! Morey Amsterdam for JFK...too funny!