Is It Spring Yet?

The calender indicates that spring is here but I'm not quite sure. The robins are hopping around outside but I have yet to see one with a worm in its beak. Until that happens I'm holding back on any yard work in spite of hints from the high primal thinker. Opening day for the Indians might be a better clue that Spring is here but we had a snowstorm last year on opening day. I think I'll wait for summer before getting around to any yard work. I doubt that I'll get away with it. Just remembered , I got rid of the yard tools when we moved last fall. If the high primal thinker has any coupons , I may invest in some new ones - made in the U.S.A. Obama would like that but the problem is ,the last I heard garden tools are now made in China. Looks like I won't be doing much garden work. I could hire it out. That will keep the job loss problem in check.

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