The Keyword Is Persistence

For one hour this evening I listened to what I thought was a great press conference held by an articulate, compassionate and well informed President. So I thought! I made the mistake of briefly tuning into " the best political team on television", CNN and quickly found that I had watched the wrong press conference. Obama evidently had a poor night ( probably because he showed some rare anger with the questioning of a CNN reporter). Obama did not have the answer on how soon the deficit will be reduced to zero. Obama keeps saying the same things. The grenades were being lobbied left and right. After turning the experts off I realized that I had in fact watched the Obama press conference and it was great. The experts missed one key point in the conference , its all about persistence. The President is a believer in persistence . He will keep pushing for solutions which will bring about an economic renaissance for this country. There will be failures but he will be persistent in pursuing the fixes generated by his team. What more can we ask for? Put away the grenades and get behind the man who will persist on pushing programs to make us healthy again. As the President said in his conference it would be nice if there were easy answers, then everyone could go home. I have not heard anyone propose better solutions than those of the Obama administration , yet they persist on being committed to seeing him fail. God save America!


Erin O'Brien said...

Thank god I'm not alone, Tony! I agree with you whole heartedly. Thanks for a great post.

Caroline said...

We are not the only ones out there either. God save America is right. I believe that the journalists on television are off-branches of the Wall Street crowd. They are getting paid a lot to do nothing but enjoy the ride and get the bonus at the end of the show. Another blogger had a great deal to say about this conference...check her out.


BTW, love the new pic Tony!

Tony said...

Thank you Erin and Caroline. Will take a look at the wordpress blog.

Tony said...

Caroline, thanks for the Pink Lady link. Will check it in the future