Not Music To My Ears

I found myself in a waiting room recently and to my surprise I found a juke box prominently displayed. A juke box to me means the 40's, 50's and 60's. Surely this juke box sheltered some of my favorite music. Not the case! There was not a familiar tune there, nor an artist whom I recognized. After I got over my disappointment it dawned upon me that pop music has passed me by. As the years have piled on, I've done a fairly good job of keeping up with the new technology and life styles, but I must admit that since the 60's I have accumulated zilch knowledge of what music is the rage. Probably because it is not music meant for my ears - aging has taken a toll on my ears. I guess that makes me a musical dinosaur but so be it. I can still listen to big band music and crooners like Sinatra on my CD's ( I did upgrade from LP's and tapes, but have not graduated to the IPOD yet ). Age has its privileges and I've decided to continue to ignore rap and rock ( rock and roll also) . I don't feel bad about being ignorant about modern pop music but I do yearn for an IPOD for my Big Band music and opera) .

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