The First Black President

Referring to Barack Obama as the first Black President or the first African-American President is being overdone. Indeed his election was a historic event and one which African- Americans and for that matter all Americans should celebrate but it is time to relegate the racial part of Obama's election to the history books. It is time to become color blind in acknowledging his accomplishments and failures as President of The United States. ( Was George W. Bush the last WASP President?)

Breaking news- the Republican National Committee has elected the first Black Chairman of a political party. Here we go again. Again its great, ( probably too little to late), but I hope the pundits will lighten up on the race part of it or is that why the Republicans elected him.

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Caroline said...

You realize the first time he does something to anger the African-American community, it will be the white in him that made him do it. And he will then be known as the white president with a little black blood.