About Patriotism

Innuendos about Barack Obama’s lack of patriotism lead one to muse about the real meaning of patriotism. Is it the wearing of a flag lapel pin? Is it plastering flag decals all over the rust spots on a car? Is it observing the proper etiquette during the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance? Is it wrestling with the singing of the Star Spangled banner at sporting events? Is it exhibiting a big flag, often the size of the playing field itself at big games. Is patriotism the exhibition of emblems and the warbling of songs? Not in my mind. That is the Madison Avenue approach to patriotism. At the start of the War On Terrorism flags could be found everywhere . Six years later they have all but disappeared - even on the 4th of July. Are we less patriotic than we were six years ago? Emblems and songs will not sustain patriotism. Deeds will. Patriotism is a commitment to good citizenship. Patriotism is activism to make this country a model for service to its citizens. Patriotism is holding the government accountable for its domestic and foreign policies.

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