Know Which Side Bread Is Buttered ON

The latest reports are that Barack Obama is losing ground because of the defection of white working class voters. I suspect that he never really had these voters in the first place and the media's exposure of Jeremiah Wright rantings has merely provided an excuse for these voters not to vote for a black man. That's unfortunate because these same voters don't know which side their bread is buttered on. Barack Obama, regardless of his color is their best bet to have their plight heard and acted on in Washington. John McCain has yet to utter anything which seriously addresses how the flight of manufacturing jobs can be stopped and how we can become more than a service economy. Clinton II is busy apologizing for the the too aggressive moves of Clinton I in embracing free trade without providing safeguards against greedy corporations. The best they can do is tag Obama as elitist which for unknown reasons is supposed to raise fear among white working class voters. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was elitist - was the New Deal anti working class? The more I think about it, just what is an elitist? Someone who wears a suit and tie ( or in the case of Hillary a suit and scarf)? Some one who has a comfortable bank account? Someone who has a command of the English language? Someone who is educated? Someone who eats with a knife and fork? If the answer is yes, I'm glad all of our presidential candidates are elitists. Now we must decide who will really fight for the working class voters - white, black , yellow and brown. These voters must decide which side their bread is buttered on soon. Just a hint - Barack Obama is pretty handy buttering bread!

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