About Best Friends

One can have a lot of friends but only one best friend. Over the years one accumulates a number of best friends. Musing about best friends, I realized that someone I once considered a best friend was at best a good friend. After all a best friend is someone with whom one shares the strongest possible kind of friendship. The keyword is “ strongest”! That’s a tall order. Achieving the strongest kind of friendship involves a forgiving relationship as well as a lot of dedication. The only person that I share the strongest possible kind of friendship with is my high primal thinking spouse. Upon typing this out, my computer crashed. It was sure it was my best friend. After restarting it had to admit that the reasoning that led to my conclusion was correct. Both are fountains of knowledge. Both provide hours of relaxation. Both respond to my every wish. But only one is willing to share the strongest possible kind of love as well as friendship, and it is not inanimate.

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