Torre Should Tell Steinbrenner To Shove It!

Joe Torre is a very successful major league baseball manager and a classy individual to boot. There is no way he should be enduring the debasing speculation as to whether or not Steinbrenner will have him back. My advice to Torre?

Don't wait for Steinbrenner to decide whether or not you should continue to manage the Yankees. Joe you are 67 years old and I imagine well set financially so just tell Steinbrenner to shove it and move on. Don't give the Steinbrenner clan the option of deciding whether you should be back or not. Don't let your affection for the Yankees tempt you to to endure another year which is bound to be a repeat of this year. I'm sure you don't share my opinion about the Yankees but they are not the Yankees of Gehrig, Ruth, Berra and Rizzuto. The aura is not real, its all marketing.

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