New York Fans Are Cry Babies

Reading New York accounts of the New York Yankee's defeat at the hands of the Cleveland Indians one gets the impression that the Indians won by default and not by being the better team. Some writers imply that the gnats from Lake Erie won game two. Of course these gnats were released by Indian fans after being trained to annoy the Yankees not the Indians. The fact is that the Yankee pitcher Joba Chamberlain was a wimp! Of course the Indians were fortunate to win the other two games because the vaunted Yankee sluggers were slumbering. Ridiculous! The Indian pitchers made mince meat out of the Yankees. The Yankees were out managed and outplayed by a superior Cleveland team. Cleveland deserves to be playing for the pennant! As for the Yankee fans, they must finally realize that their raucousness can no longer intimidate visiting teams. The overrated lore of Yankee invincibility has been finally put to rest. Incidentally what happened to the other New York team?

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