“Rights Given Away Are Not Easily Regained”

The Congress has approved legislation to temporarily expand the government's power to conduct electronic surveillance without a court order in tracking foreign suspects. The Bush Administration badgered Congress claiming the measure was needed in order to protect the nation from attacks that are being planned today to inflict mass casualties on the United States. This is the weapon which is constantly wielded by the Executive branch of government when it wants its way with the Legislative branch. Faced with being branded weak on security legislators take the easy way out, wave the flag and become subservient to the White House. The office of the President is constantly accumulating executive powers which erode the foundations of our democracy. Rep. Jerrold Nadler, a New York Democrat, who opposed the bill issued a wake up call when he said, "Sadly, Congress has been stampeded by fear-mongering and deception into signing away our rights."
"With the President set to sign this bill into law, I do not believe we will soon be able to undo this damage," Nadler said. "Rights given away are not easily regained."

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