Is pro-life compatible with pro-guns and pro-war?

The Republican candidates fall over each other in their attempts to woo the conservative voters. It appears to center around who is the strongest pro-life advocate. It also appears that they have their pro-life advocacy screwed up. In the same breath that a Republican candidate passionately proclaims he is for preserving life, he also proclaims that he is against gun control, although guns kill people. Furthermore the candidates fervently defend the Iraq War although lives are lost everyday in a senseless war. All I know is that lives were lost at Virginia Tech not fetuses. All I know is that over 3500 American lives have been lost in Iraq, not fetuses. All I know is that woman's lives have been saved because an abortion was available to them. Hypocrisy knows no bounds!

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iGoNews24-7.com said...

I like to refer to myself as a Democratic-Republican (18th C. US political party.) Let's do what's right for America and stop all this discourse about wanting to stop the war in Iraq. Let's either "take the gloves off" our military and let them do their job or get them out of there. I cannot condone murder, but putting one of our own Marines in prison for killing Iraqis is wrong. If the shoe was on the other foot and an insurgent did such a thing to an American family he/she would probably be hailed as a hero and given some kind of reward by Allah. This is not Vietnam! It's worse! Why are we still in Iraq? Wasn't our mission accomplished with the ouster and subsequent execution of Saddam Hussein? Is the Middle East ready or do they even want democracy? What ever happened to America's policy of "self-determination?" Let the Iraqi people pave the way for their own future. I'm no coward, but I say, T'is time to leave.