A State Without Borders?

President Bush announced an initiative on Monday, July 16 to shore up the Palestinian president and to begin building a Palestinian state, signaling that his administration will use its remaining months to make a major push for peace between Israelis and Palestinians. Israel reacted on Tuesday, July 17 by ruling out negotiations "at this stage" over the boundaries of a future Palestinian state, rebuffing Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and casting doubt on a renewed U.S. push to address the issue. So goes the Middle East peace process.

The Bush initiative is almost laughable. Why has he waited so long? Are we legacy building? Nowhere in his initiative is he involving the Mediterranean European countries. Is it because they have made it plain that the success of any peace initiative is dependent on concessions from Israel? Our middle East foreign policy has been held hostage by Israel and Zionists and has no room for forcing Israel to make meaningful concessions. Bush’s initiative is grandstanding and has no real substance other than bribe money for Abbas.

How can there ever be a Palestinian state if any discussion of boundaries and Jerusalem is off the table? Palestinians need more than financial support, they need respect for their vision of a Palestinian state with borders. A “border less Palestine” can only provide food for violence and terrorism. Israel has its borders. Palestine needs borders. There will be no peace until borders are on the agenda.

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