Shades of Young Abe Lincoln

On Thursday, July 19, 2007 the Associated Press had a story about young Guineans studying under the dim parking lot lights at G'bessi Airport in Conakry, Guinea. Only about a fifth of Guinea's 10 million people have access to electricity. Students long ago discovered that the airport is one of the few places where the lights never go out and go there to study for their exams.
I couldn’t help being impressed. It also brought to mind young Abe Lincoln studying by the light of a fireplace. As with Lincoln ,the pursuit of education no matter the obstacles can only bode well later in life.
We take much for granted in this country and education is right there at the top of the list. Our schools evolved from one room school houses to quasi campuses. Rather than studying by parking lot lights our students have the best that technology can offer in the way of study aids. This is true whether they are in an urban or rural area. Not all take advantage of the fruits of studying and that is a shame. I hope that the story of the young Guineans is brought to the attention of our young Americans.

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