Reconvene The Iraq Study Group

The Winnograd Commission has issued a damning report about Israel’s challenge of Hezbelloh in Lebanon . It concluded that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert "failed as a leader" in his hasty decision to go to war last summer. The Defense Minister and military chief fared no better. The report criticized the very logic of going to war at all, without proper goals, and without sufficient operational plans and training and cast serious doubts on Israel's reliance on military force. Sound familiar? Already there is extreme pressure for Olmert to resign. If only the Iraq Study Group report had put the same pressure on the Bush Administration. Obviously the study did not go deep enough. Why did we go to war? How did we go to war? Was there a plan? Did our leaders fail us? Was diplomacy ever a serious option? I can envision the Iraq Study Group being reconvened and charged to answer these questions! Three months later a report is issued concluding that George W. Bush failed as a leader in his hasty decision to invade Iraq. It would equally indict Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the rest of the neocons. Bush and Cheney resign in the face of impeachment! Enough, I’m hallucinating.

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Caroline said...

My dear friend, that is not an hallucination, rather a very good dream. And though some dreams do come true, I am sad to say I doubt this is one of them. But it would be nice wouldn't it?