Baseball & Alcohol

It has been reported that St. Louis Cardinal pitcher Josh Hancock was drunk and talking on his cell phone at the time of his fatal accident. The Cardinals have now banned alcohol in the clubhouse and were also considering banning alcohol on the road. Doe this mean that if the Cardinals win a championship there will be no celebrating with champagne? Bud Selig should seize the moment and ban champagne celebrations. It would be symbolic, but it might send a message to young baseball fans.

P.S. What about talking on the cell phone while driving? It played no small part in the tragic accident. This part of the story should be played up more.

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Sincerely Sophia said...

I thoroughly agree about banning champagne,
There is nothing positive in watching grown(?) men spilling champagne down their uniforms as they guzzle from the bottle. I also think it ought to be mandatory to purchase a "hands free" device when purchasing a cell. This is just as important as a helmet for a biker.