Finish The Mexican - American War

As the debate about what to do with twelve million illegal aliens heats up, all kinds of solutions start to emerge ranging from complete deportation to full amnesty. So far no one has ventured forth with a sure winner. Since we are so adept at preemptive strikes why not pick up where the Mexican - American War left off and make Mexico our fifty first state! Just think , there will no longer be illegal aliens. Our southern border will be secure. Our oil reserves will dramatically rise. If Mexico doesn't go for it I’m sure that the CIA can come up with intelligence justifying a preemptive strike. And if that occurs what then? Well, just as Iran may emerge as the dominant force in the Middle East in the aftermath of the Iraq War, Venezuela will emerge as the dominant force in the Americas in the aftermath of Mexican - American War II and we will be right back where we started . All of this proves that we have one hell of a problem on our hands because of our failure to control immigration and our borders . At the moment there is no good solution in sight. Perhaps once we can get over the “need for cheap labor” argument, come to grips with the ill effects of globalization and recognize corporate greed for what it is, we will begin to see the forest for the trees. If not, uniting with Mexico and by all means Canada is always an option!

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