Suicide Bombers

I find it difficult to understand some of the precepts of Christianity let alone Judaism and Islam. Since the onslaught of suicide bombers and the toll they have taken on innocent lives I have unfortunately adopted a negative view of a religion which condones or at the minimum tolerates this barbarous practice. I have read that many Muslims do not reject terrorism summarily since they do not want to signal disapproval of those Muslim groups engaged in violent struggle against Israel. Considering the history of the Middle East that makes some sense although it is still a poor excuse. As for suicide bombers again many Muslims are not critical of this practise of terrorism when it is directed at Israel. This may be a political or nationalistic expediency but not excusable. But what of the suicide bomber who inflicts mayhem on fellow Muslims? Try as I may I can make no sense of it even after understanding the sectarian hatreds which exist within Islam. Then we have the bombings directed at American soldiers. Is this a response to the Christian crusader? If so why take innocent lives along with the lives of the infidel. It appears that the chosen path to Paradise must be strewn with the bodies of the believers as well as the infidels. News reports of the past few days blare out that hundreds if not thousands of suicide bombers are poised for attacks in Afghanistan. These are young people with smiles on their faces apparently convinced that their violence and self destruction will gain them a place in Heaven ( what will they do when they find infidels there - suicide bomb them ?). Until the suicide bombings stop and Muslims demonstrate their tolerance for all faiths I will continue to look with suspicion at Islam!

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